My civility fight with the Law Society is finally over. My principled opposition to the civility movement was vindicated in the Supreme Court of Canada. I hope that by waging that battle, I advanced the interests of the profession and the public.

Accordingly, I would be grateful for your support and honoured to continue to zealously represent your interests as a Bencher.  Je serais sincèrement reconnaissant de votre appui et honoré de défendre vos intérêts comme membre du Conseil.

Campaign Statement

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My Endorsements

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I discovered that to be a good bencher i needed to work hard, to speak carefully and to be patient. I did that. This is my record - and I am proud to be running On it:


I opposed the continuation of articling because that system is broken, exploitative and discriminatory. Separate but “equal” licensing pathways are just plain wrong.

Statement of Principles 

I supported diversity and equality initiatives, especially for those who have their own principles and live by them, by opposing the Statement of Principles. I continue to believe that we gain nothing by offending men and women of conscience and faith.

Changes & Support

I did not become an Adjudicator because there was a more important role that I could play: working to ensure that the Law Society only prosecutes the right discipline cases.

I worked hard to get the Compensation Fund limits, a Committee which I now chair, increased to $500,000.

I have tried to persuade my colleagues that we need to show greater fiscal restraint and discipline when it comes to spending your fees.

I supported the name change and all of the proposed corporate governance reforms. The Bench must continue to move the Law Society into the 21st century as a modern and focused regulator.


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